At her core, Lindsay Gary is a change agent. She draws on her complex bodies of knowledge and experience as a renaissance woman in addition to her status and proud identity as a citizen of the African Diaspora to advocate for black culture, history, and uplift globally. She expresses this through various mediums as a professor, historian, writer, speaker, artist, and filmmaker. She is the founder of The Re-Education Project, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering African American youth to become global change agents, and Dance Afrikana, a professional dance company that connects the worlds of traditional and contemporary African and Diaspora dance. In 2015, Lindsay obtained a Master’s of Art in History and a Master’s of Public Administration in Public Policy from Texas Southern University. She has a BA from the University of Houston wherein she studied, history, dance, and business. She is an avid traveler and has explored over 30 countries. Lindsay is not only a dynamic storyteller and speaker, but she is transformative and a master at empowering various audiences and creating tangible breakthroughs. She has spoken at various events throughout the Houston-Galveston area including the African American Dance Festival, the Texas Counseling Association Conference, and at Texas Southern University’s Rally for Justice. Her work has been featured in various publications including The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s The Village, Voyage Houston Magazine, Not That But This, and FoundMe Magazine. Her topics include:

  • Black History, Culture, & Education
  • Eradicating Racism in Schools, the Workplace, & the Arts
  • Violence Against Women & Domestic Violence in Millennial Populations
  • Travel as a Tool for Activism & Healing
  • Black Womanhood
  • Creolite, Race, & Multicultural Identity