A b o u t  h e r

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Change agent. renaissance woman. Diasporic Citizen.

At her core, Lindsay is a change agent. She draws on her complex bodies of knowledge and experience as a renaissance woman in addition to her status and proud identity as a citizen of the African Diaspora to advocate for black culture, history, and uplift globally. She expresses this through various mediums including history, education, art, speaking, and the written word. Some of Lindsay’s pastimes include running, painting, braiding hair, and playing tennis and the violin. She is also working on achieving fluency of the Spanish language. In addition to this, she is an avid traveler and has been to 31 countries (5 continents) and counting. Ambitious, positive, and full of light, Lindsay believes that life should be lived limitlessly, and that all people should have the opportunity to live their lives in this way, especially citizens of the Diaspora.